Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bad Rabbits Stick It Up

While indie rock bands like MGMT echo the folk sonance of 1970s bands like America, Bad Rabbits (whose album is available now as promotion over at Karmaloop) goes in the opposite direction entirely by bringing the distinct sound of funk back on their Stick Up Kids.

The stand out song is distinctly "Advantage Me," which has full advantages over the other songs on the album. Bad Rabbits seems to fully know what era they're playing around in, because towards the end of the song they bring in the guitar riff from Michael Jackson's "Thriller," the last album of the genre to unite fans from across the musical spectrum.

Unity is a theme by which Bad Rabbits looks to advance. The band is multi-racial, a sign of progress beyond the racial uniformity of the musical era they emulate (when rock bands like Funkadelic were labeled as "R&B" even though they sounded just like Pink Floyd). Progress, as just mentioned, is another theme, as Bad Rabbits' affiliation with Karmaloop shows that the superb clothing line is moving past the hip-hop era and into a more mature musical and cultural stage.

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