Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tea Party Insanity

None of us are by any means perfect, and I can think of many celebrities, writers and musicians I'm very fond of with checkered pasts. Nevertheless, some of the details about Tea Party leader Tim D’Annunzio seem to border on schizophrenia:

In Hoke County divorce records, his wife said in 1995 that D’Annunzio had claimed to be the Messiah, had traveled to New Jersey to raise his stepfather from the dead, believed God would drop a 1,000-mile high pyramid as the New Jerusalem on Greenland and found the Ark of the Covenant in Arizona. A doctor’s evaluation the following month said D’Annunzio used marijuana almost daily, had been living with another woman for several months, had once been in drug treatment for heroin dependence and was jailed a couple times as a teenager.

There really seems to be a full helping of the sophomoric and the crazy in the Tea Party movement. The main political candidate to get elected as an outgrowth of the movement, Rand Paul, brought up the historically and morally vindicated 1964 Civil Rights Act for public revision, and reports of racial and homophobic slurs have come out of the tea parties. The intellectually serious would be wise to jump ship.

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