Monday, July 19, 2010

More on Ryan J. Murdough

After the NY Daily News article, I became a little curious about this apparent wave of white supremacist Republicans. I started with Ryan Joseph Murdough.

The very presence of this gargoyle, who is running for state senate in New Hampshire as a Republican, is enough to keep anyone with a sense of morality from sleeping at night. He is a moderator at the lovely website "White News Now" and has authored posts such as "Are Jews a Race?...What They Themselves Say!" with quotes from the esteemed scholar David Duke (the same one who convened in Tehran for a Holocaust-denying conference).

The headline in a feature article on him at the Concord Monitor is "Candidate: Keep state's complexion white," with the unsurprising and tragically hilarious adder: "Murdough isn't racist either."

Yes, of course he isn't.

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