Sunday, July 18, 2010

More Writing On The Wall

In an interview I did with Dan Carlin a good while back, he said, "I think that anytime you get unsettled times (from war, or economic trouble or any combination of stressful societal factors) you provide the opportunity for things to flourish that would otherwise not have a chance to arise. These things could be good or they could be bad."

A New Hampshire man is hoping racist hatred will help get him elected to state office.

Ryan J. Murdough, a 30-year-old who says he works with children with special needs at a youth center, is running for a seat on the State House in New Hampshire's 8th District.

And he's doing it as a Republican.

The self-professed "racist" is also supported by the American Third Position, a hate-spewing organization designed to "represent the political interests of White Americans, because no one else will."

"For far too long white Americans have been told that diversity is something beneficial to their existence," Murdough wrote in a letter to the Concord Monitor.

"New Hampshire residents must seek to preserve their racial identity if we want future generations to have to possibility to live in such a great state," he wrote.

Remember back when the Right criticized the Left for pursuing identity politics and division? I liked those days. Well, now it looks like that has been abandoned for the other ugly extreme.

Honestly, if the above candidate's rhetoric does not scare the shit out of you, perhaps you've lost your pulse.

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