Friday, January 7, 2011

Dennis Prager: Fallen Hero

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I wrote up a comment on samuraishake's post and it turned into something long enough for an entire post, so here it is.

I listened to Dennis Prager's radio show regularly during the Bush years and stopped a little after Obama was elected. During the Bush years, he largely made alot of sense. He would talk about how the Left tended to use racial victimization, while illustrating that the Bush administration had brought in more minorities than any other administration. He had a really candid conversation with a caller of Indian descent about how, in her words, her culture found lighter skin to be preferable. Prager said gently that this was something she would have to overcome.

After Obama was elected, Prager descended into the mud. His columns are pure reaction and he is constantly (and apparently thoughtlessly) defending the Right against all criticism, buying into the nonsense that a liberal media is trying to paint conservatives as racists, when conservatives paint themselves that way and the media just highlights it.

I interned for a prominent conservative organization (which will not be named) and was disturbed by some racial comments co-workers made. It caught me off guard because I'd actually believed alot of the things I heard on Prager's show. I actually wrote in a letter to his program asking him if he thought there was a racism problem on the Right and what I should think of such comments. I got no response, not even a form letter.

I feel sorry for him honestly. He co-authored an entire book called Why The Jews that is about the historical persecution of the Jewish people. He's had wonderful, candid discussions about the role of men and woman towards one another. If he keeps going the way he's going, however, he's going to find himself surrounded by anti-Semites because he refused to see what's obvious.

Prager is a good example of what happens when a commentator ties himself to one side of the political spectrum permanently.

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Michael said...

While I found your blog mostly fair, it shows a severe lacuna in your ability to listen to the spoke word. Dennis is one of the most mild, fair, and simply judicious commentators in the world. He makes such an effort each day to emphasize that he is not painting everyone with the same brush. Please listen again.

Michael said...

Michael -

I would have agreed with you a couple years ago. However, the examples of Prager's reactionary nature are abundant. Here's some samples:

Prager obsessing about gay sex:

Prager ranting in a way that must make sense to his fans:

Prager chastising Charles Johnson for switching to a "new team" (Independent thought is not apparently in Prager's vocabulary):