Saturday, February 12, 2011

Glenn Beck Reveals The Root Of Modern Socialism: The Pop Star Fabian

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In another captivating expose of the deceit of the liberal class, Glenn Beck revealed that the plot for modern day communist rule started with the most innocent seeming of figures: the late 1950s/early 1960s teen heartthrob Fabian.

Beck cited lyrics to Fabian's song "This Friendly World" to illustrate the British Fabian Socialists shared more than just a name. "In this song he asks 'Why should any heart be lonely?' and 'Why should any heart be afraid?' His words, not mine. Well, Mr. Fabian lover boy, where have I heard that before? Equality, freedom from fear, Roosevelt's Second Bill of Rights, Karl Marx. No, not Saul Alinsky, it's something earlier than that. Lucifer!"

Later in Beck's chilling documentary, which was of impressive Frontline quality, Glenn Beck connected the dots between Fabian, whose career peaked in the early 1960s, and the Fabian Society, which coincidentally was the same period in which the Young Fabians were created. "By making fan clubs for heartthrobs like Fabian and socialist indoctrination camps indistinguishable, Fabian socialists were able to indoctrinate young Americans like Barack Obama's mother, who then marries a Kenyan and turns against her Nixon-voting parents. Fabian was the first community organizer," Beck said. "Do your own research. You think I'm crazy? Go to hell."

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The Glenn Beck Review said...

Micheal, this reminds me so much of what can be seen at Media Matters for America. They publish material such as what Beck is claiming, but they don't expose the fallacy behind it. Was Fabian a Fabian? Who knows?

Sometimes it's hard work debunking what this charlatan claims, but it's part of writing about him, is it not?

Anonymous said...

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