Thursday, February 17, 2011

Scott Brown Tells All

This is really interesting:

Brown, 51, has written a book, “Against All Odds,” in which he also recounts physical abuse at the hands of several stepfathers. In the interview, he recounts an instance when he contemplated buying a house where he lived with one of his stepfathers so that he could “burn it down” as a cathartic act.

At Truthdig, a blogger asks "Is it just us, or does the publication of a revealing memoir, including details of childhood molestation and abuse, by a first-term senator herald yet another sea change in the game of political publicity?" It does indeed seem a bit odd, and to be blunt Scott Brown does seem rather odd. I actually met him in Washington D.C. and he seemed very congenial. He stood out a bit not just because of all the cameramen around but because he was very polite to the owners of local restaurants and other individuals who are technically "beneath" him.

Confessing personal demons also seems like a significantly more constructive act than what farther to the Right Republicans like Haley Barbour have been using their time doing (or not doing). Surely speaking about his experiences can help others who have had similar experiences to open up about theirs.

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