Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Shout This One To The Mountaintops

There is alot to be said about bluntness, and some things in life just simply aren't solved by beating around the bush. Take this beautiful marking I found on the window a bar in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood:

It may not be as poetic as "The New Collossus" sonnet that adorns the Statue of Liberty, but the message could not be any clearer or difficult to misinterpret. The above message should be next to Emma Lasarus' words on the Statue of Liberty, as well as placed before the Senate building, the Capitol building and the White House (the last three being where it is needed the most).

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TinnyMey said...

in germany you can`t write this on your shop

Michael said...

Really? An explicit law condemning it?

Anonymous said...

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